Day 4

When Brian Photographs, he has a different process in handling the camera. His camera is attached to a small gorilla tripod so he can hold it, as his grip is compromised. When he sees something he wants to shoot, he … Continue reading

Day 3

The Tree that stood strong to the blizzard. I like this photo because I see it as strength in the chaos life can bring. Brian’s life was pretty chaotic that winter. Sometimes holding on is not the answer. Surrendering and … Continue reading

Day 2

This photo is one of Brians favorites. The location is on his parents property in Garrison New York. The landscape Brian has available has been limited to the house he is living in due to his life style now. Fortunately … Continue reading

Day 1

I am writing this post for Brian. He has been on this life changing journey going on 4 years now. This project is coming to life as he is coming back into himself little by little. The pictures that are … Continue reading