December 21, 2015


Hi everybody. Merry Christmas! The above photo is from last year. This year it’s hot. It’s really bizarre. It’s warm weather, but not as hot as one Christmas I had. I once spent Christmas morning on Ayers Rock in Australia. I think they call it Uluru now. At sunrise it was about 100 degrees farenheit. The rock gets so heated up, it creates its own windstorm. It was a fun Christmas. I was there with my first wife, and no, she didn’t push me off, but there is a sign at the base of the rock. It tells how many people passed away climbing the rock, and there were a lot of Brians listed there for some reason. I held on tight to the rope and watched my back. It was a fun way to spend Christmas day.

I’m gonna leave it at that and wish you all a Merry Christmas.

Talk to you next week. Love, B. Nice

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December 15, 2015


Hi you guys. Welcome to my blog where I talk about the past. You know I was in bed for so long, I would think about things from the past just to get through the day.

I’m gonna call this blog, “Kids are so cruel.” I’ll explain what I mean.

I remember there was this one kid that would always follow my friends and me around. This kid was relentless, so of course, we thought we’d torture him. We found a big cow paddy.  A fresh cow paddy in the middle of a field. We put an M80, which is like a quarter stick of dynamite. (My friend here said, “What the hell were you doing with a quarter stick of dynamite?” I replied, “Well, most ten year old boys have an M80 around somewhere.” Anyway, back to the story.) My friends and I put the M80 in the middle of the cow paddy and told the kid that kept following us to stay there and make sure it didn’t go out. My friends and I ran around and hid behind a tree. All we heard was, “It’s still going. It’s still going. It’s still going.” Then, BANG. SPLAT. There was cow shit all over the tree we were hiding behind. Then there was silence. Then all of a sudden we heard “Waaaaaaaaaa.” We looked from behind the tree and there was this little kid covered in smoking cow shit.

This kid did get even with me, scared the shit out of me because one day I walked into my friend’s house and there was this kid with a loaded revolver pointed at my head. It was a real loaded gun. The little kid had found his father’s hand gun. After checking my shorts, we got the kid to put down the gun and told his father. It’s probably why I’m like the way I am now.

You know, I was on the receiving end of all this drama once in a while. For example, I was camping with my friend in upstate New York. We were camping at a spot we would always go to. Anyway, one morning I woke up and before I could say good morning to everyone, I felt my friend push me down into my sleeping bag. They held the sleeping bag shut and dragged me around the campfire. Then they all said , “Pile on!” and they all jumped on top of me, and the dog too. And then, to top it all off, someone would politely fart on me. So, you see, sometimes it was my turn to get the raw end of the stick.

I’ll share with you one other story because I got a lot. I was coming back from the bus one day, the local school bus, and this girl I would hang out with said to me, “I don’t get poison ivy.” I replied, “Come on, most people get poison ivy.” And she said, “No, not me.” I said, “I don’t believe you.” And after arguing back and forth I dared her to jump in a patch of poison ivy. Well, she took the dare and jumped in the patch of poison ivy. I said, “OK, I dare you to rub it all over you.” And she did, all over her neck, her arms, her body. You know, everywhere. Well, the next day she was absent. She was also absent the following day. she was absent for like two weeks. I guess she was allergic to poison ivy after all. Like I said, Kids are cruel.

One other story I’ve got to tell. I’ll make it short. I was at a dinner party and my niece was talking to an older guy. The older man said, “What’s your favorite color little girl?” She said, “Yellow! Like your teeth.” Like I said, kids can be cruel.

Have a good week. Love, B. Nice

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December 8, 2015


Hi everybody, welcome to the blog where I talk about the past.

Above is a cartoon. You know, I used to keep all my journals in cartoon form. Above is a cartoon that basically says too much of a good thing is not good for you. And it’s true. I used to drink coffee all day long. It’s probably one reason why I’m like this right now. Anyway, I could go on and on about too much of a good thing, but I’m not gonna talk about that right now. I’m pretty wiped out cause I did two hours of water therapy.

For a little entertainment, go to my other blog which is at this link.

Love you all, miss you. Have a good week. Love, B. Nice

December 1, 2015


Hi you guys. Welcome to my blog where I talk about the past. I had my friend here go into the other room and pull out one of my diaries. I used to keep my diaries in cartoon form. The drawing above is about a trip I did in the Bahamas. When you’re in North Eluthera and you want to get to Harbour Island, you have to take a little boat. Well, I was on one of these boats and there was a famous musician sitting across from me. We were in a stare down because I kept bumping into him on my travels. You know, like Duty Free, an elevator, a bar, etc., etc. The guy must have thought I was stalking him because here I am in the middle of the Bahamas sailing on a small boat staring at the guy.  We didn’t say a word. It was all rather uncomfortable, but I’ll tell you, the guy got off the boat pretty quick. It was a great shoot though. I was there for like a week. It was one of my favorite places. It was fun because some of my fellow photographer friends also went there often. When I ran into them it was like a big party.

Alright, I’ll tell you one story. One time I ran into a fellow photographer. We all got together and had a big party. Well, my assistant joined us and was having a great time. I knew we had to start early, so I left the party early. My assistant stayed on. Well, the following morning, I was waiting for everyone, having a coffee when I noticed my assistant showing up wearing the same clothes he had on from the previous night. He had scratches all over him. Leaves in his hair. He looked like hell. I said to him, “What happened to you?” and in a very thick Spanish accent, because, you know, he was from Spain, he said, “I leave party. It dark. I was drunk. I lose my way. I end up in big spider webs. I scream. I run into woods. I know not what to do, so I lie down and sleep. The sun come up. I see where I am, and now I’m here. Good party.”

On that note, I’m gonna say, good-bye. I miss those parties. Miss you guys too. Love, B. Nice

Here’s the link to the blog where I talk about the present.