May 29, 2015


Hi you guys. Welcome to my blog where I talk a bout the past. You know, I was in such a bad way for so long, I would just lie in bed and stare at the ceiling. I used to think of things like this.

I remember in college we always had a debate in our class. We would debate if it were better to learn the technical side of photography or learn about the creative side of photography. Well, I can tell you after 30 years of experience, become a bartender. No, just kidding. Although, bar tending is a good way to make money. The best thing to do is learn the technical side of photography. You see, the reason why I say this is because when you are in a situation you want to capture, you want to be able to draw upon your knowledge instantly and not think about how you’re gonna get the shot. The creative stuff changes all the time and, like my friend here says, it takes care of itself. So, therefore, go out and learn the technical stuff. The creative stuff will come later. That’s my profound thought of this week. Love you, and here’s my link to the present.

Love, B. Nice

May 23, 2015

Hi you guys. This is the blog where I talk about the past. I used to think about the past when I was in the hospital. It passed the time.

A lot of places I went to, I would location scout as to where I wanted to shoot. Some places were evidently wrong for what I wanted to do, but I went along on the location scout out of curiosity. For example, I was on an island off the Australian coast. On this island was a prison where they kept the worst of the worst inmates. They kept a real bad bunch there. I went to the prison because I heard it was haunted and the place did have a weird vibe to it. It was kind of scary. I would never shoot there, but it was wild to check out. Another place was in Tunisia. I was location scouting and I was in the middle of the desert when I looked up and I saw a single big tree in the middle of the desert. It was like at a 45 degree angle. It was surreal. I told our driver to stop because I was curious as to why the tree was growing at a 45 degree angle. I opened the door and I found out why the tree was like this. The winds were like 60 miles an hour. It almost ripped the door out of my hand. There was a constant flow of sand. I felt like I was in a blast furnace.

Another time I was in the Canadian Rockies. I heard of an area where the bear would sit around and eat flowers. I asked our guide to take us up there to have a look. We found a few bear. They were huge. Just hanging out. We obviously stayed in the car.


But one of the scariest and most dangerous things I’ve ever done was I went out at night with my cousin. (Now I say this with sarcasm and loving affection. We are now fathers.) We went to a few bars in Santa Barbara. I survived. I’ll attach a drawing. I used to keep my journals in cartoon form.

That’s it for now. I hope you guys have a great Memorial Day weekend. Love, B. Cuz

Here’s my link to the blog where I talk about the present.

May 12, 2015


Hi everybody. Welcome to the blog where I talk about my past. You know, being like this, the way I am, I can’t do much of anything. The only time I do anything is in my dreams. I dream about windsurfing a lot. I used to love windsurfing. When you’re windsurfing you go fast. You know, like the speed of a jet ski full on out. But it was cool because I could get into areas you would never get into in a boat or, for example, there’s this small island off the south fork of Long Island. I windsurfed over there and there was a huge colony of water birds. It was amazing. It was great even though I felt like I was in an Alfred Hitchcock film. I’ve never seen so many birds in my life. I’ve come across old fishing cabins, you know, like from the 1800’s. I’ve come across giant sea turtles. That was in Hawaii. Giant flock of fairy penguins in Australia. Sharks, just about everywhere. One time I was going fast and I went right in the middle of a flock of birds. They separated like a zipper on a coat. It was pretty cool. One of the best times was there were a bunch of dolphins in some waves I was riding. That was real cool. I miss all that stuff. Now I just watch my dog lick his balls. Anyway, that’s about it for now. I’ll talk to you guys next week. This is B. Nice signing off. Love, B. Nice

Here’s the link to the blog about the present.